Our services

Business Development

Business Development Team aims to expand the network.  The first step is the identification of the Companies that are aligned with our mission.

Each new partnership means new opportunities for other physicians. Our work creates value not only for the Company and the Partners but for the entire country in which we are going to hoist our flag.

Legal Office

The legal department is daily committed to making documents, contracts, procedures, and also creative solution, because as J.P.Morgan said «I don’t want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do. I hire him to tell how to do what I want to do”. Our mission is giving to the Company the best legal service and suggestions in the short term, working at high qualitative standards of efficacy and a lot of patience. Our work wants to be a value for the company, for the employees and our partners.

Quality and Regulatory

Our mission is giving high-quality products, supporting the company into the normative procedures and leading the products to the registration all over the world.
To do that, we work closely with the Partners and facing with supplier, colleagues, Italian and foreign Authorities.
Every new registration is adding value for our Company, for us and our Partners, for physicians and their patients.

Medical Marketing

Marketing works to spread the company know-how in a clear, accurate and creative way. Due to our scientific background, we offer strict and whole scientific support both to the Partners and their physicians, understanding their needs. We are close to patients, studying their fears and unsatisfied needs. Our work helps physicians to take care of their patients not only to treat them. This is our way to pursue the company’s mission.

Logistic and Customer Service

Logistic and Customer Service executes orders and every day are in touch with the suppliers to plan production and supply the raw materials. At the same time, we think of ourselves as the logistic arm of our Partners and works carefully to guarantee the efficient forecast and the timely delivery of the products. Timeliness and accuracy are the two adjectives guide our activity and the value we offer to our Partners.

Account Manager

Every Account Manager has the goal to build long term relationships with our partners and introduce new products that fit their portfolio.
We take care of them, monitoring sales performance and taking immediate actions to solve any issue that might influence their performance. We work to maintain our promises. Our commitment is important for the Company business, for the Partners and, for all the people that with our work can have access to our products.




The last 20 years were characterized by a progressive enhancing of the average body weight of the population of the high-income countries. This trend is the result of faster availability of food, due to the economic growth, the growing availability of abundant, the...

SEPTEMBER: PCOS Awareness Month

SEPTEMBER: PCOS Awareness Month

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) represents one of the most common female endocrinological disorders. World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that PCOS affected 116 million women (3.4%) worldwide in 2012.  Globally, prevalence estimates of PCOS are highly...

INOFOLIC lands in the Philippines

Another important goal has attained. Inofolic is now available in the Philippine market with the brand MYPICOS, distributed by Embil International Philippines, Inc., an Exeltis Company. We are confident about the long way our Partner will run.


We are proud to announce a great result: Delphys’s first landing abroad. It is now available in South Korea with the brand Eutris, distributed by Listenkorea Co., Ltd. This is a great goal achieved by our company; the first steps to make known our product all over the...