XYMINAL® helps promote favorable vaginal conditions for spermatozoa’s functionality. The use of XYMINAL® then, matched to carefully planned intercourse, helps the couple achieve parenthood.
Consult your gynaecologist before the use.

Each 1 g vaginal suppository contains: myo-inositol 2.00 mg; semisynthetic glycerides.

Dosage and mode of use:
Introduce gently into the vagina 1 vaginal suppository every other day (preferably in the evening before bedtime), during the periovulatory period (11th to 16th day in a regular cycle of 28 days), detectable by electronic devices or by direct evaluation of cervical mucus. The intercourse should be planned for the day following the administration of the vaginal suppository.
It is a medical device CE. Read the warnings or instructions for use. Ministry of Health authorization 28/11/2017.

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XYMINAL® is a product containing Myo-Inositol in vaginal suppositories. Thanks to the local action of Myo-inositol, it helps not only in improving the morphology, motility and capacitation of the spermatozoa, but also in preparing the vaginal environment, boosting the chances of obtaining a spontaneous pregnancy.