What we do

Our fundamental aim is offering to woman and men all over the world a better quality of life.

We give physicians effective tools supporting their clinical practice.

Our products boast a preview experience on the Italian market and proved efficacy in several clinical studies.

To make these products available worldwide we establish trade relationships of out-licensing with all the Companies, little, medium and big ones, that believe in our mission and would like to be part of this innovative process.

Our company has the aim to ensure the success of every Partner, that’s why we offer them all our know-how, instruments and support. They have to only let be driven along the way.

We surely want to add value to the Group, spreading Lo.Li.Pharma brand and purpose.

This our commitment has been the guide of the Company in the past and it will be forever.

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The relevance of the alliance factor

The relevance of the alliance factor

A strategic partnership is a relationship between two commercial enterprises, usually formalized by one or more business contracts for the accomplishment of a mutually beneficial objective. They are intended to create value and grow the businesses. The general idea is...

Aleract Vaginal Capsule spreads in Romania

Aleract, thanks to the trust our partner has shown us, has finally spread to the Romanian market even under the formulation of vaginal capsules. We can only thank MLD Trading Ltd. for believing in us once again. Now on to the next great result!

The link between obesity and male infertility

The link between obesity and male infertility

Obesity is believed to be the new pandemic and its life-threatening long-term effects are well known, being the cardiovascular and metabolic ones probably the most important. Similarly, we are observing a dramatic increase of couples asking for Assisted Reproductive...

The INOSITOL innovation reaches Bosnia

Following the success of INOFOLIC in the market, our partner Rhei Ltd. Company has decided to rely on the innovation of the new INOFOLIC HP formulation which is now also available on the Bosnian market. Keep it going!