What we do

Our fundamental aim is offering to woman and men all over the world a better quality of life.

We give physicians effective tools supporting their clinical practice.

Our products boast a preview experience on the Italian market and proved efficacy in several clinical studies.

To make these products available worldwide we establish trade relationships of out-licensing with all the Companies, little, medium and big ones, that believe in our mission and would like to be part of this innovative process.

Our company has the aim to ensure the success of every Partner, that’s why we offer them all our know-how, instruments and support. They have to only let be driven along the way.

We surely want to add value to the Group, spreading Lo.Li.Pharma brand and purpose.

This our commitment has been the guide of the Company in the past and it will be forever.

Focus Areas



Breast Care





Delphys launch

Delphys launch

A new product into the portfolio is always great news, but Delphys is not only a new product, but it is also a new challenge. Delphys is a new revolutionary solution for physicians and for women especially. For this reason, we have studied a special way of presenting...

INOFOLIC HP is 1 year old!

INOFOLIC HP is 1 year old!

Exactly one year ago INOFOLIC HP was launched in Italy and is now expanding worldwide, slowly replacing its predecessor. What are you waiting for? Join the HP revolution!

EuroPLX in Athens

EuroPLX in Athens

At the end of November, our BD will attend EuroPLX in Athens: is there a better place to start a new business than the cradle of culture? Come and meet us!

Launch of Lo.Li. Pharma International España

Launch of Lo.Li. Pharma International España

We are proud to announce the launch of Lo.Li. Pharma International España, a brand new project that will have us in the front line with a dedicated sales force and 6 products to start, of course in Spain. Francesco Scarpino will guide the project with the aid from our...