A message from the General Manager

Welcome to the Lo.Li. Pharma International website.
Whether you’re a potential customer with a challenging project ahead; an active customer checking up on our latest news; or a partner, supplier or future employee looking for new opportunities, I trust you’ll find what you’re looking for here.
We are a growing company focused on healthcare, mainly in the field of fertility; our products are marketed successfully in more than 50 countries worldwide, and many other customers are choosing us to form win-win partnerships.
At Lo.Li. Pharma International we strive for perfection. Our dedication to the customers is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Our dynamic and tailored approach often bring us in our partners’ countries, where we bring our experience and advice, if needed.
Our young and talented multicultural team is motivated to assist the customers from the first contact to launch and beyond. We are proud of the results achieved up until now, and we have a clear vision of what we are aiming for.
Enjoy our website and feel free to contact us: make your business grow!

Samanta De Filippi, General Manager

Lo.Li. Pharma International is a branch of Lo.Li. Pharma Srl, a growing pharmaceutical company, based in Rome, dedicated to the research, development and distribution of Medical Devices and Functional Dietary Supplements.

Lo.Li. Pharma has been present in the Italian pharmaceutical market for over 16 years, developing and commercializing successful and revolutionary products which have changed the attitude of specialist medical practitioners towards several different diseases.
The company’s key success factor is the continuous effort in developing new products responding to the needs of patients and physicians. The innovative formulations of Lo.Li. Pharma have attracted the attention of many foreign Companies and private citizens alike, all looking forward to have Lo.Li.’s products available in their own countries.

After the first International partnership signed in 2007 with a South African Company, Lo.Li. Pharma has gained the interest of several multinational Companies, thus establishing licensing agreements in many countries around the world. We believe in our Products and in their beneficial effects, as much as we believe that these effects should be made available to as many people as possible.

Lo.Li.Pharma International’s mission is to spread Lo.Li. Pharma’s research and innovation worldwide.


Francesca Morandi

Purchase Responsible & Logistics

Raffaele Secchi

Business Development Manager

Francesco Scarpino

Marketing Manager

Anisa Shurdha

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Dario Dezi

Medical Affairs Specialist

Giulio Stanzani

Quality & Regulatory Affairs Assistant

Silvia Mariotti

Legal Department Responsible

Andrea Barsella

Account Manager

Paolo Tedeschi

Logistics & Customer Service

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Legal Office

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Logistics & Customer Service

Anthony Ndungu

Business Development Assistant